Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Just the Pix, folks...

Nope, I'm not gonna blog today. Not much has happened and as much as I like to ramble on about my daily menial activity, I'm gonna spare you the details. You, my readers, have been crying for photos... So, hold on to your socks!

Food pix:

Pizza I made the other day (the little dark circular chunks are bite-sized rounds of organic goat cheese, yum... this pizza is COMPLETELY organic and made right in my oven!!!)

My home-made, organic brioche (glad my mama taught me how to braid):

Pix of Lolo (Sorry if there are "repeaters"... I just can't bear to delete photos of this kid):

Pix of Lily...

(This is what Lily does in her spare time... OCD much?)

Lily's rare but precious smile:

This past weekend at Pepe's house:

Lolo feeling confident in the soft grass... "Look Mama, no hands!!!"


Monkeys in the cherry tree:

"What the? Do I hear monkeys?"


Here, catch!

Papa's girl!

Up a tree:

Soccer with Pepe! (Ryan asked him IN FRENCH to come play with him!!! YAY for school!!!):

Have you seen my two teeth? They're right here!

Train ride with Ryan:

Mama... I'm in a traaaaaiiiin!!!


Rocky cliff with cross:


Ryan pretending to take a picture of me taking a picture of him taking a picture of me taking a picture of him... etc. *eyeroll*

Ryan as a bat (EVERY time we went into a tunnel *eyeroll*):

Ryan's reaction the first time a high-speed train passed us going the other way:

Ryan starting to get bored... hmmmm...:

Ryan typing like Papa:

Ryan typing like Mama:

Ryan's mad cuz I've told him to leave his neighbor's armrest alone:

Castle fortress imbedded in cliff face:

Mountains and the Rhone (it's getting a little Alp-y):

Visit to a castle:
Various castle-ness...

Basin (to-be pool)...



Stairwell (I want a castle):



Hmmmm... what shall I eat for lunch?

Abandoned lunch...

This is better than lunch (anyone recognize Lily's dipe cover from TWOMOMMASDESIGNS.COM?)...

Are you a sleepy baby?

How could you tell?

Organic lunch:
Artichoke hearts with my cuke/tomato/mint/basil/olive oil salsa, multi-grain bread and free-range rotisserie chicken:

Close up of artichoke heart with salsa:

Rainbow view from my kitchen:

View from our apartment in the morning:

View from our apartment at night:

There you go, dear readers... I hope that'll tide you over for a little while...


Erin said...


Anonymous said...

yup, same here, speechless.

... oh got my voice back ...

moh pix peeeez

Heather said...

I want to visit France now. Just for the food! Ok the castles too.

Stacy said...

Beautiful view!! Wow!!

Wordy T said...

Goodness gracious. It's all so beautiful.

Chris said...

Great Pics!!!! However...where are the pics of you?????????

Joelie said...

Nuthin' doin'... not much of a photo subject...even with my new skinnier model... Nope.

Laurel said...

Beautiful I am hungry AND I want to go to France...

Nicole said... dorky computer is showin' me a bunch of x's after the food photos, which do look fine, btw, but I like me some people pics. dang.