Tuesday, September 30, 2008


For weeks I do nothing but "talk" and now I don't have much to say (right, like that could ever be true...I could easily FIND something to say, but what's that cliche about pictures and what they're worth), so I'm just giving you images. Snapshots of me. Of here.

I wrote another couple of chapters. I'm very optimistic about finishing the book before November. I didn't run, though. It's just way too damn dark in the morning. Then, I was hoping to go this afternoon with the jogging stroller, but Sam took me out for lunch and I drank too much wine... *sigh*

Anyhoo, here's a look-see...

Lily ready for school and Lolo ready to play:

Lily close-up:

Crossing the Rhone on the way to lunch:

Corner cafe:

It's Autumn in the city:


Big ass church (Fourviere):

Crossing the Saone for lunch (Lyon has two rivers):

Pedestrian streets:

Meat is pretty:

Getting warmer:

Salade Lyonnaise (Yes, that IS a poached egg on my salad)... sorry for the fuzziness but there wasn't much light in there:

Forgot to take pix of the main dish cuz it looked so good... Here's dessert (mousse au chocolat):

Sam's dessert... Profiteroles... It's a pastry/ice cream/whipped cream/ chocolate sauce thing that gave MY dessert an inferiority complex:

My coffee:

Huge jars of Nutella at the Creperie down the street:

Almost all streets look this cool in Vieux Lyon:

There are LOTS of great murals here in Lyon... Google it:

Yep, that's all for today so far.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Courtyard and whatnot...

This weekend was neat. We went outside and let Ryan practice riding his "big" bike. We tried to encourage Lily to ride the trike, but she would have very little of it. Lolo is near to mastering that Jeep. While we were down there, Ryan's classmate who lives in our building gave Ryan's bike a try. I told her that ANY time she wanted to practice, all she had to do was tell me.

Later, she and her teenaged sister came up and rang the bell. "Can Ryan come out to play?" I almost burst into tears. Not because he's growing up or anything--that part I can deal with--but just, I see this as a milestone. And it's sweet and fun! He went to her house for a little while. I made Sam go down there and give them our number. They said they'd bring him back when the kids seemed bored down there and then maybe SHE could hang out HERE for a little while. I thought that was an excellent idea since Ryan has SO MANY TOYS and stuff.

And she did. And they loved it. And so did I. They pretended to cook us dinner with the kids' little kitchen and all their play food. So, I pretended to eat a four-course, French meal. I can't help but smile thinking back. Ryan was so good and he responded to everything in French. Even when I said, "D'abord, vous ramassez ces Legos, puis vous pouvez jouer dans la chambre," (First, you guys pick up these Legos and then you can go play in the bedroom)... Ryan said, "D'accord. D'accord, Maman." (Okay. Okay, Mom.)... And he seemed so proud and excited and happy. That's why I cry.

I also sent Sam down to talk to the lady who lives underneath us because upon trying out my bike trainer, we realized that it vibrates like CRAZY. I wanted to know if she was home during the day and if there were any particular times my exercising wouldn't bother her (cuz I have an aerobic step as well). She gave him a tour of her house and told him that there was no time in particular and that she didn't mind. She also said that she hears the kids a little but it doesn't bother her. She gave him her phone number in case we need anything. SO COOL!!!

As it turns out, some pretty swanky people live in our building. The lady downstairs said that her son is the CEO of Accord Hotels. *eyes bulging* Then, she proceeded to go on and on about who in the building is important, and apparently, it's everyone but us. *big grin* I'm fine with that. I'm the hippy up/downstairs who does her own laundry and makes her own bread and uses cut up tee-shirts to wipe her butt... Oh my goodness, that ROCKS!!! I love it!!!

As for school, all the teachers say that Ryan is great! They say he talks constantly (I have NO IDEA where he might have gotten that trait) and that he is making great strides in his French. They even have him doing an after school language thingy a couple of days a week. They say that he's the most polite and generous child they have met in a long time. I'm so proud, but I can't take credit for that. Neither can Sam. I think Ryan's just naturally a good person.

Lily loves her school, too. Her teachers LOVE her. They say that she never argues. She sits when they say, she eats well, she lays down for her nap without a fight and she's never unhappy. She is, however, pretty bossy at play. I don't see why she'd be any different than she is at home. That girl is such a tyrant!

Also, I haven't said, but for the past two weeks, she's been sleeping and napping in her big girl toddler bed instead of her Pack N Play!!! AND, she's wearing pee pee training pants cuz she says, "I'anna potty!"

So, I took some pics of our outting yesterday. As well as our lunch. And some random yummy pix from today... I was industrious in the kitchen. AND I wrote two chapters in my current book. Gotta get that thing finished before November so I can write another NaNo (National Novel Writing Month--NaNoWriMo--look it up). The book I sent to the Agent of My Dreams was my NaNo from 2005.

Anyhoo, here'r the pix...

Courtyard fountain:

Playin' with my camera:

Lily's usual sullen expression:

Wild Hair Lily:

Run Lily Run!

Lily talking to a lady at her window:

No caption necessary:

Lolo at the fountain:

Lolo close-up:

Lolo even closer:

Light as air:

Pumpin' up the tires:



Hard sausage... SO YUMMY!!!

Lunch yesterday... Steamed cabbage and sausages:

Lunch salad today:

Lunch bread today:

My cappucino made by Sam... the best milk-steamer in the West!

What I made today (minus what we ate at lunch):

Making pasta tonight (organic whole wheat flour and free-range eggs):

My daily chore... Dipes!!!


We didn't do a cake for Lolo's birthday, but this is what she did to her chocolate cookie that day:

I wasn't able to run this morning because there was a fog so thick I couldn't even see the river. I ain't running in that. Cross your fingers for tomorrow. I'm not optimistic y'all. My joints are KILLING me... *sigh*

Let's see if I can get another chapter or two out before doing the dishes and collapsing in bed.