Tuesday, September 23, 2008

It figures...

So, I hounded and begged and pleaded with Sam to take me to the supermarket yesterday so I could get an envelope to send my book. My plan was to get the thing, bring it home, wrap the sucker up and send it out that afternoon. But... The supermarket was CROW-DED... AND they didn't have any envelopes big/small/strong enough. And the only boxes they had were this huge ones. I don't want to wrap my book in three years' worth of newspapers (think--the French newspapers aren't the behemoths full of coupons that we have in the States... sadly).

Then, this morning, I BEGGED Sam to go to the post office and see if they have any bubble envelopes of ANY kind so I can get this damn printed thing off in the mail for crying out loud. Guess what? The freaking post office is ON STRIKE!!! I kid you not. It really IS the national sport here in Frogland! Not ALL of them are on strike. About a quarter of postal workers are on strike and apparently they all work at OUR post office. So, I asked Sam to go to a different one. We'll see.

I'm trying a new bread recipe today. One that goes into an actual pan. Ryan really likes ham sandwiches and while my panless bread is GREAT and nourrishing and whatnot, it ain't the best sandwich bread (something tells me I've already told you all of this). So, I'm using a new cripe from "The Laurel's Kitchen Bread Book" I told you about the other day. I'll keep you posted. Ha ha... at least I'M not on strike huh? Posted... *snicker*

TMI... ****warning, do NOT enter if you don't want to know more about me than you'd ever have asked to know (Erin, these are great points for your thesis, btw)****

Taking an idea from one of the forums I'm on, I'm going to stop shaving altogether. I already only shave my legs only about once a year and my pits once or twice a month. But now I'm going to stop.

I'm also going to stop wearing deodorant. I'm going to see if I can just get by with showering every day and dealing with my own natural scent. So far, it hasn't bothered me (or Sam either) and it's been a moderately sweaty day what with having to cart the fat kid all the way to Ryan's school.

Why? Well, to save plastic. I'll keep the stick of deodorant I have now just in case I need to have it for a special occasion, but for the most part, I don't think I need it.

I'm also going to stop using toilet paper. This is an experiment. It's called "family cloth" in the natural living circles. You take clothes or bedding you don't want anymore and you cut it up and use it for toilet paper--washing it instead of throwing it away. At first the idea made me cringe and shudder, but the more I think about it, the less it bothers me. And with us using a whole roll of toilet paper nearly every day (most of it being my use), I'm hoping to cut WAY down on our consumption of toilet paper.

I have ordered custom-made cloth feminine hygiene products. I hear they're pretty. Not that that's a necessary criterion for me. Let me know if you want her email address.

I have caught a new bug. It's not the throat thing I've had for the past week. I wish it were just some sort of evolution or mutation of it or something so I wouldn't have to continue to be sick, but it feels definitely different. And I think there may be a stomach component to it too. I'm not going to let it keep me from running (ha ha, get it?) Next week.

Oh, and I'm gonna join my old marathon training group so I can train with their pace groups.

Okay, I think that's enough personal nasty info for one day.


Erin said...

Armed with this newest info...I think I finally have enough research to finish up my thesis! Brilliant! xo

Joelie said...

LOL! I knew you'd enjoy the stinky pit parts the best!!!

BTW... as an update... I'm a lot stinkier at the end of the day than I had once thought. I don't know how long I'm going to be able to keep this up... My culture has programmed me a little TOO well.

lisa said...

....NOT TO MENTION... they won't let you back into Zumba class at the Y if you're going to stink up the whole place!!!!!! Ask Anne what happened to the ladies from India.....

We miss you!!!!!


Wendy said...

sounds like you are transforming into a single women, lol.