Thursday, September 25, 2008


Yesterday was Wednesday, but you know that. Ryan Day. I got up at 5am because I couldn't sleep because of the snot because I'm S.I.C.K! I started a double batch of bread. Okay, Laurel Robertson, I LOVED my first loaf, but I don't like the "moistened hand" method of kneading... The dough sticks like a mofo. So, I floured my board and my hands and did it that way. It turned out beautiful but admittedly not as light as the first loaf. Don't get me wrong, it was sandwich-worthy, but it was no prize winner. I have INCREDIBLE beginner's luck. Most people suck and get better... I'm the other way around. *eye roll* Either way, made great sandwiches and that was its purpose.

"Fun" stuff that happened yesterday:

Ryan practiced his "y"s but ended up making a LOT of "v"s and "x"s to get to an acceptable final product.

I caught Ryan holding Lolo down and using his toy buzz saw on her head. We won't discuss my reaction, but let's just say there was some screaming and some time out involved.

Ryan's computer arrived--He asked the UPS guy to shake hands with him (all in French... SO cute!!!)

I went to my immigration appointment where I got to have my medical screening and watch a movie on integration in France--It was a preview into the "values" and "philosophies" of France that I should adopt in order to integrate myself into French society. In order to have my carte de sejour, I have to have three certificates: 1) a "minimal language" certificate (which many people have to take a class to get but since, during my interview, I showed I could speak French above the "minimal" level, they gave it to me right there); 2) a certificate saying that I've learned the "basic" history and values of French society (which she also gave me right there since I'm married and have lived in France before); and 3) a certificate saying that I have spent the day learning more in-depth about the "values" and "philosophies" of France... "civic training"... That certificate she couldn't give me because EVERYONE has to go and spend the day in class--lunch is included and paid for... It's a 9am-5pm thing *eye roll*.... I know the Republicans in the States would eat that shit up if we did it over there.. "Train them damn Mex-ti-cans how to be Merry-cans!" *eye roll* Then, I got to be x-rayed, poked, measured, weighed, milked (aw, just kidding), and interviewed by a doc--all to say that I'm in great health. Which I'm not... but I guess I don't pose any grave dangers to French society... as of yet...

Ryan and I made brownies from a box we brought to France from home. Yeah, I know it ain't organic, but it was a little treat for him... And the oil and eggs that went into it WERE organic. *grin*

I chatted on-line with a couple of buddies. There was a lot of playing and even a little flirting, (Huh, Jack?).

I started reading Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist by one of my fave authors, David Levithan (and Rachel Cohn)... Yes, I know, *gasp* How could I have NOT read that one already and moved on to the yellow one? BECAUSE I HAVE THREE KIDS!!!! Yes, I KNOW they're making a movie out of it and that the cutie patootie from Juno plays Nick... *sigh* Leave me alone!!! Anyhoo, it's a KICK ASS book and I love it and I'm sort of reading it slowly... appreciating every word cuz it's like fine chocolate.

Today... Now... today has already been a doozie and it's not even lunchtime...

Okay, I walk Ryan to school with Lolo in the AWESOME BUCKLE TAI FROM TWOMOMMASDESIGNS.COM and decide after I drop him off that I'm going to go to the mall to buy a damn box/envelope for my book (no longer waiting for Sam to procur my goods) and an electric tea pot so I can heat water for tea even when my bread dough is hiding out in my microwave while rising.

I get there, find a nearly PERFECT solution (It's sort of a folder and a box at the same time) for sending the book. I also find my tea pot, but then I remember I need this and I need that and oh yeah, we're out of this and I need some hard candy so I can hydrate my throat, blah blah blah.

I'm standing in line, leaning down to pick up my things out of my carry basket and put them on the conveyor belt when this GOD asks me if I need help. I'm telling you, he HAS to be a model. Remember that "assistant" that Rachel had on Friends? The hot one? This guy looked JUST like that... Sam hair, same smile. *sigh* I'm not one to gush (or even much notice) about dudes so you know he has to be perty if I'm talking about him. I say, "Non, merci. C'est bon." But I want to say, "Yeah, could you maybe just squeeze my boob? Thanks then." But all I can think about is how much I stink because I have stopped using deodorant. LOL!

I get all done and go out into the main part of the mall and call Sam. I'm wondering if he'll meet me and take a few of the things that I've bought for him because I wanted him to take them to work anyway--hard candies for him since he also now has a sore throat, and a box of little chocolate-orange cookies that I know he LOVES. He works right near by, so he comes over. And then, I con him into watching the bags so I can run into the bookstore to get Ryan a couple of those workbooks--you know the "fun" learning activity books that help you get ready for school? (Everyone in his class can already sort of write and draw and stuff since they have been in school since they were 3 *eye roll*... I'm hoping he'll be able to catch up so he won't feel like such a putz... I don't mind if he's a putz, but I think HE might.)

And THEN, my cavalier husband walks me to the bus stop as I tell him about the hot model helper guy and he just laughs. He's like that. I love that about him.

We're standing at the bus stop and I see a guy with a sheet wrapped around his head and no shoes. *sigh* I dig in my wallet and get whatever change I have (which is like $5 American but chump change here)and tell Sam to go give it to the guy. Sam is sort of a miser so he says, "All this?" And I say, "Yeah, Mr. 6eme Arrondissement (we live in a REALLY nice part of town)... Mr. Free Appartment... Mr. Huge Salary." He sighs and looks down at his box of favorite cookies. "Should I give him this, too?"

"Yeah." He's REALLY sexy to me at that moment because I know he's not kidding.

He hesitates.

"Go," I say. "And don't forget to give him the money. Tell him to go buy some damn shoes." It's FREEZING outside and while I'm a big bare-footer myself, even I wouldn't be out in that weather barefooted.

He kisses me goodbye and leaves.

I start to think about whether or not he can find the guy. So I call.

"You find him?"


"Did he want the cookies?"


"Did you give him the money?"

"No, I'm on my way to buy him some shoes."

I almost start crying. I hope he comes home for lunch and that the girls go to sleep so I can JUMP HIS BONES. Why do I find charity SO SEXY???

"Good," I say. My voice is thick with emotion.

I hang up. But I think of something. I call back.

"Hey. Don't forget to buy him lots of socks."


"Okay. I love you." And I hang up.

But then, I start to second guess. What if this guy jumps my husband? What if he leads him down some alley and robs him. Sam had said that the guy was going to show him where Sam could buy him a pair of shoes for 10 Euros... What if there wasn't really a store and the guy just wanted to get him away from the crowd so he could take Sam's wallet? And I didn't even care about the damn wallet... But I DO care about a big ass bump on Sam's head from having hit bashed against a wall or something. So, I call back.

"Everything okay?"


"You buy his shoes and socks?"

"Yeah. He wanted some really expensive ones. 50 Euro. But I told him I'd buy him something that's good for walking--not dress shoes."


"And I gave him 10 Euros more."


"And he asked for more money to help buy food for his brothers."

I sighed. "But you didn't give it to him, I hope."




Oh yeah, and while I was waiting for the bus to come (after Sam went off to find the shoeless guy), I saw another dude... An artist (well, he was carrying one of those huge sketch portfolio thingies). He had a big backpack on and on top of it was one of the fatest orange marmalade cats I have ever seen. Just sitting up there on his back pack, comfy as you please, while he bought transport tickets for the bus or tram or metro or whatever. MAN, I love living in a city!!!! I really should go people watching every day with Lolo in the morning after we drop Ryan off. SO interesting..

However it is a little hard on my back after a couple of hours... This kid is over 25 pounds!!!

I wonder if anything else exciting will happen since the day is only half over. Oh well, off to get my book ready to send...

And I'm not IGNORING your repeated requests for pictures of my appartment... I'm... shall we say... postPONING... Until I get the place CLEAN!!!


Anonymous said...

Did I mention I'm ready to buy tickets to come and visit ... sigh ..8 more months of waiting

Joelie said...


xlordashx said...

You put Sam hair instead of same hair....was that a fruedian slip? =)

Joelie said...

DUDE... I didn't even notice that... maybe it WAS Freudian... That, or my language is really getting messed up over here (I suspect it's a little of both). Lol!

Wendy said...

Awwww, how sweet of him to go but the guy shoes !!