Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Loose ends...

Well, I came in here to talk about how refreshed and renewed I feel. How the new fall air, with its crispness and its promise of a nice, cold, germ-killing winter, wafted into my kitchen first thing this morning when I opened the window. How empowered I feel because I made my own spaghetti sauce base from scratch last night along with two beautiful loaves of bread. How liberated I feel because I recently cut some toxic strings in my life. How the position of the sun in the sky has changed and how even the smells and sounds are trumpeting, "AUTUMN!"

But then the horns began to blow dammit!!! *sigh* Just as I was starting to type! Have I already explained the situation in the intersection at the corner of our building? Well, on the long side of our apartment, there is a major street alongside the Rhone river. On the short side of our apartment, there is another major street alongside the humongous Parc de la Tete d'Or. Well, because the lights are badly timed, just as the pedestrians have the little green "walk" man, the Rhone traffic gets a green light to go straight. BUT there are always people who need to turn. BUT because there are pedestrians, they CAN'T turn. So, that blocks traffic behind them. Then, the other light--the Parc light--turns green, meaning that the five or six cars stopped in the intersection waiting for the pedestrians are blocking the Parc side traffic. AND all the Rhone side traffic is PISSED because though the light has been green for two minutes, they are stuck waiting behind the car in front of them... waiting for the pedestrians... on their way to the Parc.

This would actually be a funny and interesting phenomenon... A situation to study...Because it continues like this all day long... And some people even lay (literally?) on their horns when it's obvious that the car in front of them CAN NOT MOVE without turning a pedestrian into sauce... Yep, it would be a chuckle... were it not at the CORNER of my apartment...

So, the open windows do not only let in the crisp fall air... it also lets in the honking horns. Which wouldn't even bother me so much if I hadn't just put my baby down for a nap so I could BLOG!!!!! *maniacal laughter*

Here's a pic of the intersection (you can't really see the Parc side street but it's over on the right... well, the bottom of this picture)... this is the intersection withOUT much traffic...I'll try to catch it again from the corner bedroom when it's all congested... *eye roll*

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