Friday, September 12, 2008


As you'll remember, our ship shipment got here yesterday. Nothing much to report. A bunch of boxes, sweatiness (and not that sexy kind), a lot of chasing around after the kids, and a teensy bit of damage (like nicked furniture and a stain on the couch and another stain on my $1K mattress, but the dang thing came with one of those hoss mattress covers, so it's still sleepable). The main thing I really cared about was my case of camera lenses (that I bought off my grandpa--I consider them an heirloom since I helped haul them around France and Spain while he was visiting the last time I lived here) which got here safely.

There were a few cultural head scratchers, though. Like, in the States, when the movers came, I offered them drinks--not beer or hootch or anything *wink*, but I definitely asked if they needed water or juice or something... I even bought HUGE containers of Gatorade for the guys that packed us up last time--but when I asked Sam if he thought I should offer, he said no. *scratches head*

Also, I usually buy the movers' lunch--not sushi or caviar or anything, but I make a Subway run cuz we're all usually eating around the same time and I like me a Subway when my stuff's being boxed up. Again, I asked Sam if I could go get them a kebab, since I was NOT about to cook during all the chaos. He said, "Oooooh, no. You can't do that. This is France." WHUH? *scratches head*

AND, Sam is usually all timid and sweet and reserved. But in the presence of these movers, he was all business and bossy and short with them. Now, even in the States with the movers we had there, he was nice and gentle and all questions and thank yous. But here, with these French movers, though I was prepared to sit down and chill with them and tell 'em my life story (when am I NOT prepared to do that? *eye roll*) Sam was like "Ps" and "Qs" and "put this here" and "that there." It was sorta Twilight Zone-y. I asked him later why he was so bossy and he shrugged. "Yeah, I guess I am pretty bossy... I'm bossy at work."

WHUH? Well, I never...

Anyhoo, let's talk about Ryan. So, when I went to get Ryan Tuesday afternoon, the teacher tells me, "You know, he cried a lot this afternoon" and gave me this look which I could only interpret as, "so, you might not want to bring him back." Look, lady, if I had the choice, I WOULDN'T bring him back. But since he HAS to go to public school, I don't really see an obvious solution.

So, like I said the other day, I spent Wednesday working with him.

Then, Thursday, he cried. Both in the morning when Sam dropped him off and again in the afternoon when Sam dropped him off after lunch. I just don't know what I'm to be expected to do. So, when he got home that night, Ryan and I had a talk. And we came to the conclusion that Ryan probably needs a computer. That's the one thing he seems to like at his new school. And since Sam can get a nice, cheap, used computer through his job, I don't see any reason why Ryan shouldn't have one. With a computer, he and I can use interactive games to teach practice his academic French at home. Plus, it made him feel all grown up and what not.

And it seems to have worked.

He didn't cry at all today. Not one bit.

Hey, guess what? I slept in my bed last night!!!! It smelled funny because we have yet to find our normal sheets and so had to use a set that we had purchased but not yet washed and it smelled like the plastic wrapping and as though it had been sitting in a warehouse for a few months and then had taken a long boat ride across the Atlantic only to spend another week in a warehouse... Hmmmm... Wonder why.

Anywhoo, smelly sheets or not, it was like sleeping in a cloud. We decided to shift the rooms around. What was going to be the guest room is now our room because it's bigger and we need room for the baby crib. What was going to be our room is now the kids' room cuz they have a wicked butt load of toys and need a place to put them other than my living room floor. So, their room became the guest room. So far it's working out splendidly. Lolo still has her pack and play in the guest room (and will continue to nap there during the day) but will move into her crib tomorrow night.

The kids are ecstatic to have rediscovered all their toys, books and clothes. Lily got so carried away with the toy revelation that every time I approached a new box--whether for the toy room or not--she'd say, "I'anna toy" and lean her head to the side. SO CUTE!!!

The other cool thing is that we're going to be able to separate the toys from the books and games. We're going to keep all their "toys" in their bedroom, but I've also set up a little reading area in the living room. They'll have their books, their Legos and some puzzles but toys will no longer be "allowed" in the living area. Well, DUH... Lolo is a baby and will not understand, but we're going to try nonetheless.

Well, I'm utterly wiped out, so I'll have to give you the rest of the dirt (well, boxes) tomorrow or so.

On the side, I must say that I'm hella worried about my sister, my great grandmother and all my friends in the Houston area tonight. I hope Ike is gentle with you. Sending good vibes your way.

Okay, my eyes really are closing on their own now. Be good kiddoes!


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YAY for stuff! Ellen misses you.