Tuesday, September 30, 2008


For weeks I do nothing but "talk" and now I don't have much to say (right, like that could ever be true...I could easily FIND something to say, but what's that cliche about pictures and what they're worth), so I'm just giving you images. Snapshots of me. Of here.

I wrote another couple of chapters. I'm very optimistic about finishing the book before November. I didn't run, though. It's just way too damn dark in the morning. Then, I was hoping to go this afternoon with the jogging stroller, but Sam took me out for lunch and I drank too much wine... *sigh*

Anyhoo, here's a look-see...

Lily ready for school and Lolo ready to play:

Lily close-up:

Crossing the Rhone on the way to lunch:

Corner cafe:

It's Autumn in the city:


Big ass church (Fourviere):

Crossing the Saone for lunch (Lyon has two rivers):

Pedestrian streets:

Meat is pretty:

Getting warmer:

Salade Lyonnaise (Yes, that IS a poached egg on my salad)... sorry for the fuzziness but there wasn't much light in there:

Forgot to take pix of the main dish cuz it looked so good... Here's dessert (mousse au chocolat):

Sam's dessert... Profiteroles... It's a pastry/ice cream/whipped cream/ chocolate sauce thing that gave MY dessert an inferiority complex:

My coffee:

Huge jars of Nutella at the Creperie down the street:

Almost all streets look this cool in Vieux Lyon:

There are LOTS of great murals here in Lyon... Google it:

Yep, that's all for today so far.


Erica said...

I'm really enjoying following your 'Two Years.' Not that I'm surprised you are a good/great writer!

Rachel said...

That's exactly what i picture living in Europe to be like. I wish we could do it!!!

Erin said...

um, your salad gave MY lunch/salad an inferiority complex.