Wednesday, October 1, 2008


There's graffiti everywhere here. When I come back here after being gone for a long time, it's very shocking to me. Even in the country, there'll be some random graffiti on some random building or structure. There seems to be no order or sense to it. Maybe there's some kind of hidden gang language or something. But it gets to me. I just think, "Dude, if you're going to take the chance on getting caught in the middle of the night, could you do something a little more exciting than your damn initials? I mean, could you at least throw a little flair into it? Some shading? Some curves or something? Are you just pissing on the wall to mark your territory? Are these writings just practical, or are you really trying to express your art?"

Well, since I've moved back to Lyon, I have found an answer. A remedy. It's a graffiti artist that truly is an artist. I noticed his/her work right away. He/She doesn't mark the walls along the highway with grand shows of his/her initals or name or anything like that. He/She does birds. And it's not just the birds themselves--though they are craftfully (?) done--but the fill. The colors are bright and the fill so smooth and even that he/she'd HAVE to use an airbrush... He/she MUST be using an airbrush! At first, I thought they were just silly birds. But a closer look shows that they are supposed to be SMASHED birds. Birds who have supposedly flown directly into--HIT--whatever surface upon which they are painted. Their eyes are all googly and their tongues are hanging out. Sometimes there are feathers poking every which way. It's AWESOME. And this artist is EVERYWHERE!!! I have been trying to remember to take some pix to show you and I FINALLY got them today on the way to Ikea. I would have had more if we'd have taken our usual route back, but we didn't. I'm always on the look for new birds and every once in awhile, the artist will grant my wish.

Take a look (pardon the fuzziness/obstruction... I had to take these from our moving vehicle and if you've ever ridden with Sam, you'll understand why these aren't great photos):

I feel bad that the interpretation you are getting of France through my photos is MY interpretation. So far, I've been snapping what I concentrate on. I have been shooting what I think will make a good photo. But that's not really fair. I shouldn't always be in search of a "good photo" all the time. I should be giving you snapshots of France. As it is. So, today as we wandered along, I took random shots. I tried not to frame or discriminate. I just snapped here and there. Some people thought I was a little crazy. Maybe I am. I just think you should get to make up your own mind about what France looks like instead of seeing EVERYTHING through MY eyes, you know?

So feast...

Now, these ARE my pictures... Some Lily and my new cloth toilet paper setup (I found some metal things at Ikea to dispense the clean and hold the dirty):

Ready for school:

Clifford is serious reading material:

To everyone his own butt wipes:

See? I branded mine so curious guests would beware:

Floor view (ironic part is that these match the toilet paper holder for the extra rolls...tee hee hee):

I wrote four chapters today even though all three kids were home and Ryan's classmate was here. I am VERY optimistic about finishing this book in plenty of time and even being able to edit my other one a little before NaNo. YAY!!!

Now, cross your fingers (toes, eyes, hair, etc.) for the one that's on its way to NY to the AMD (Agent of My Dreams).


Rachel said...

I want to move to Europe. I love your pics!

emjanes said...

Love the pics Joelie. Also wanted to let you know I bought the bread book you've been raving about. I've been wanting to venture into bread making for a while now. What is your favorite recipe so far?

Joelie said...

R... awwww, thanks. That makes me feel good!!!

Em... The only one I've made so far is the loaf for learning. I've done the single and have doubled the recipe but that's all that'll fit in my tiny oven. If you go back a few weeks ago on my blog, you'll find the recipe for the panless loaves I make. Those aren't in the book. IMO, one of the best things about that book is the explanation of the relationship humans have always had with bread and how natural and important bread is to our bodies. Email me if you wanna chat about this more.

Erica said...

Love the birds!

In the small town I grew up in, someone had painted 'Rhonda' on the back of nearly every sign. I still wonder who Rhonda is.