Thursday, October 23, 2008

I don't have much...

Kids, I got sawdust. That's all I got to report.

I got tiny gravel in my runnin' shoes.

Lots of Solitaire.

Eating lots of vegetables to counteract all the cheese from the weekend (plus leftovers that came home with us).

I got successful speedwork (YAY).

Utter procrastination on finishing touches on the adoption memoir... they are important but tedious (is that how you spell tedious?).

I got a bipolar marriage. *sigh* And I'll leave it there cuz that's why I'm not expoundin' today y'all. Good morning, GREAT afternoon, shitty evening.

But I did make bread on Tuesday. It was YUMMMMMY!!! And I made the whole building smell good.

ALSO, yesterday, I cooked some of the pasta we made the other night and then whipped up a fresh pesto out of the eggplant and zukes that were starting to wilt.

Today I made a kick ass stirfry of broc, cauli, julienned carrots, mushrooms, ginger, garlic and leeks with a spicy plum-peanut sauce served on a bed of brown rice with an egg scrambled in it... ALL organic and all delish.

Dinner was a humongous salad with a yogurt dressing.

Nothing else to report, really. I gotta go to a meeting tomorrow about my citizenship. Should be Erin (see comments from previous entry).

Thanks SO much for reading me... even through these dry times.

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