Friday, October 10, 2008

a-HA... "THEY" almost got me, didn't "THEY?"

But all it took was me walking back into my kitchen, to the smell of my organic homemade bread cooking in my oven... Yep, that's all it took to remind me...

"THEY" almost let me turn myself into a hypocrite, didn't "THEY?" Because that's why I'd be if I stayed here. Or if I renounced my love for home. Home needs me. It's what made me the me I am. France didn't make me this way. France might have played a part in honing me... Like boot camp, maybe. But home is where I'm needed.

The problem: Bad practices. The solution: Showing my fellow Americans how simple and easy and cheap it can be do cut out all the bad practices we've been calling "convenience" (at the price of our health and environment and economy, etc) and replace those with making your own stuff. With channeling (not consuming or destroying) natural resources. With growing stuff at home or buying locally. With exchanging with your neighbors to keep pollution and consumption down.

It's my mission. I have to remember that.

So, I will go home some day. And all those birds with stupid grins on their faces and their heads in the sand can stay that way or jump on the wagon with us. Let's hope they don't ignore the message.

Mmmmmm... bread smells goooooood!!!!!

Edited to add: Oh yeah, and I'll try not to blog any more today, okay?


Erin said...

damn. you're right. we can't just fly the coop if things in our country ain't going well...but it's such an enormous task, how can we make even an inch of difference? it's true what they say, "we are capable of anything, even eating an elephant; just take one bite at a time"

Joelie said...

E... yep... the thing is, we can pretty much ONLY make an inch of difference. But if you, and I, and Sam and Benj and eight others get together, we have a whole foot of difference. We can find 8 peeps can't we?

Rachel said...

I still love ya!

Erica said...

I've been waiting for this blog! After all those de-tox days (I'm still catching up- is that a Things I hate blog?) I was waiting for a they're not going to get me! ;)