Sunday, October 5, 2008

Not bad...

Just a quick update. We went. And a guest did come. But it was a high school English teacher. An American "assistant" (like a TA) was supposed to come but she got an invitation to go backpacking in the Alpes and canceled at the last minute. They were shocked that anyone would ever do that, but I told them that if I were a young student, I would not have a hard time choosing--lunch with a couple of Americans (which I could do at home) or backpacking in the Alpes. I agree that it was impolite to announce the cancelation at the last minute, but I don't judge her. I hope she had a good time.

The food was AWESOME. The dad made us a delicious boeuf bourgignon!!! I could have eaten ten more plates just like it. Then there was salad, goat cheese, cake and blackberry crumble for dessert. SO good! And followed by coffee!

But the best part was that the mom suggested we take turns taking the kids to school. In fact, the dad said that he drops his daughter off every day on the way to work and that he could start dropping Ryan off in the morning!!! That's AWESOME!!! And then, I could go pick up both kids in the evening!!! Also, she seems to want to take turns letting them play at each others' houses on Wednesdays. And THEN... she said that if we ever wanted to go out, she would watch our kids. We could even take turns watching each other's kids!!! YAY!!!! She's a history teacher and really LOVES Ryan because he is so obsessed with maps and stuff.

Another awesome part was being able to talk with the English teacher in English about the political situation back home. I had stuff I had obviously needed to say out loud and she indulged me. I felt like I had had an enema when I was done. Like I'd been purged or detoxed or something.

I came home to put the girls to bed while they took Ryan and his classmate to the park to practice riding their bikes. But, Lily won't sleep and Lolo threw up all over me (probably the olives she ate during the appetizer). So, I'm waiting until they get tired or Sam comes back--whichever happens first.

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