Friday, October 10, 2008


So, I had great plans to get up and do my tempo run this morning! But, Ryan started SCREAMING in the middle of the night and would not be calmed. He had done this earlier in the evening, actually, and had scared the shit out of me then. They're some kind of night terrors or something. He's not awake, but he's writhing and pointing and screaming. You can't hold him down and you can't wake him up. All you can do is sit there and try to hold him and try not to cry too hard yourself in case he wakes up.

The first time it happened (right around the time Sam and I were going to bed), he never did wake up. We put him in our bed and watched him writhe and kick while patting and petting and cooing at him. He finally calmed down on his own and started sleeping soundly as if nothing had ever happened.

The second time, he almost threw up in his sleep he was crying and choking so hard. We finally got him to wake up by offering him an ice cream. At first he said no over and over, but I finally got him so say yes. Then, he sat up and stared out into space. He ate his ice cream, let me read to him as he fell back asleep and was out for the rest of the night.

He doesn't remember a thing. I asked him if someone is hurting him or scaring him and he said no, very matter-of-factly. But he has been complaining about this kid at school. Sam asked him if the kid is Ryan's friend and Ryan said yes. So, I don't know what the heck is going on. Am I going to have to call in an exorcist?

Also, Lolo decided she was ready to get up for the day around 5am.

Going to the dark park to run on about 4 hours' sleep really isn't my bag, baby. Sam let me sleep until 7 while he gave Lolo a bottle and snuggled with her on the couch (bless his heart).

Then, after Ryan has left with A's dad for school and I'm finally sitting down to drink my cofee while Lily plays and Sam takes his shower, Lily comes RUNNING through the living room, trips on the dining room rug and SLAMS her head into the corner edge of the door frame. I saw it in slow-mo and could see a huge blue mark before I even picked her up. There is a reason they call it a goose egg, my friends. I tried not to scream and cry too much but already not having had much sleep and still a little frazzled about the whole Ryan thing, I scooped her up and rocked her back and forth while I cried like a baby. She kept saying, "I'm okay, I'm okay," but I just held on and rocked and cried. I begged Sam to call someone... Anyone. At first he kept saying, "Stoppit! Calm down, Joj!" But then HE caught a glimpse of the huge thing on her head. He started to get dressed to take her to the hospital, but I told him to get her some ice (thank the UNIVERSE I brought those little refreezable plastic (yes, plastic... I know, plastic is the devil, but *shrug*) ice cubes). After a few minutes, the swelling started to go down a little and she seemed okay. But it wouldn't surprise me if she had a concussion. That little episode FREAKED me out.

Sam took her to school where they offered to give her some of those stupid little homeopathic bullshit pills!!!! I know it's considered to be a real science over here, but I don't believe in it. And Sam only said, "Yeah, if you want." And they said, "Well, it's for her." And he said that they could if she seemed to want them. I know he was just trying to be polite and didn't want to get into an argument about the effectiveness (or not) of homeopathic bullshit little pills, but I wish he would have taken a stand. If they offer them to her, she's going to start expecting 'em (oh, yes she will... trust me, I've seen how the kids will pretend to be sick just so they can have those little sugar pellets *eye roll*) and she is NOT getting 'em at MY house, yo.

It's been a week since I made bread. I think that's what was missing. So, I made a double batch even though I've had to retire one of my loaf pans cuz the non-stick coating was coming off onto the crust. I'll put one loaf in the loaf pan and make the other into two panless loafs... we'll see what happens. What I can say, though, is that even my bread dough seemed to be looking up at me and asking if I had PMS. Maybe I did get a little too vigorous on the kneading, but hey, it has been a rough 24, you know?

I'm still procrastinating on finishing this chapter. I think I'll go play Solitaire.

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