Monday, September 14, 2009

Yeah, okay... so...

... I know I said I was going to try to come in here on Thursday, but nothing much had really happened between Monday and Thursday morning. And when nothing has happened, and I come in here to gab, I just end up droning on and on about nothin' and usually end up putting off housework and whatnot just to blah blah blah. So. Sorry. And, you're welcome.

Thursday was cool. I went to pick up Lily from school and took her directly to the mall where I met up with Sam, Iva and Vlad and the five of us had lunch at the salad bar place. Then, Iva and I went shopping. Got some clothes for the kids (because DUDE, Ryan must have grown TWO inches or something over the summer!). Looked ALL OVER the place for flash cards with French words on them but couldn't find them in anything other than English and Spanish. *eye roll*

Found lots of cool toys I liked but couldn't really afford (and wouldn't buy anyway cuz they're plastic).

The main thing though is that I was glad Iva was there. Twice I had to take Lily to the bathroom and once had to go myself and if it hadn't been for Iva, I would have had to leave my stroller there, piled with my purchases. Thanks, I.

Friday was awesome, too, cuz I finally got to see my Flavia. She's been working nights, so I haven't had a chance to go out with her. We went to that kick ass Asian food resto and had their buffet!!! YUM! Then, I went to the mall and bought Ryan a SCOOTER!!! A sidewalk scooter. I also bought one for Lily that has Dora on it. She loved it but now she and Lolo fight over it. *eye roll* neither one of them is really capable of actually using it with any efficiency, but *shrug* I also bought some line-less index card thingies so I could MAKE Ryan some flash cards because he's starting to read now and I need him to be able to recognize the frequently used words in French.

Oh, I could stay in here and gab about the movies I saw or the books I read, but....

I HAVE NO KIDS AT HOME TODAY!!! And I've already "wasted" an hour or so playing on Facebook. So, now, I'm going to get the heck off of here and WORK ON MY MEMOIR!!!!!

Gotta get as much done as I can before November cuz there's Nanowrimo, of course.

So, y'all be good. Forgive me for the brevity (once again, you're welcome). And we'll try again on the is Thursday morning thing, okay???? Hugsies!

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