Friday, February 12, 2010

Au Revoir and kiss my grits!

It's late-ish (well, I'm tired, so it doesn't really matter what the clock says, eh?) and this is my obligatory "in case I die in a plane crash"-slash-"France can kiss my grits cuz I aint comin' back"-slash-"I'll see y'all on the other side"-slash-"don't forget to check out my NEW blog" last-ish post on this blog. I mean, this is the last post from France.

The name of the blog is Just Two Years. I only made it Just 19 Months (and this past month, I have barely left the apartment, so my heart and head were no longer REALLY in France) before giving up and hitting the road.

It took me about 8 years to heal from my LAST break-up with France. I'm PRETTY sure that it'll take a good 20 or so for me to even consider coming back here for longer than the necessary week I have to to let the grandparents see the kids. I may not even make it back for that.

I probably have a lot to say. Like I could say that the past two weeks have been bearable-ish. That I have really great friends over here. Some that I've known almost the whole time. Some that I just met a few months ago. And I thank them for making me smile and for letting me cry on them. I'll remember all of my friends fondly and I'll never forget the sunshine they brought into my life.

Still, I had to pour my son's ashes into a little, tiny, snack-sized zip-lock baggie today. The U.S. Embassy suggests you not take remains in un-x-ray-able containers. So, Aaron's urn will be traveling separately while his remains will travel with us in our carry-on. And my divorce with France was pretty much final as I washed Aaron's dust tumble into the little baggie.

Oh, I know it's not fair to blame everything on France. Shit happens. That's the circle of life and whatnot, right? I know. Buy you and I know why I feel the way I do. You who have read me.

Speaking of which... Like I said, I'm moving on. I'll probably post an "I'm here!" post when I get things calmed down back home, but after that, I'll probably leave this blog in the same place I'm leaving France... In the archives of my DISTANT memories. Again, I hope you'll hope on over to the new blog. I got it set up and will publish the link in my final post... I'll keep posting what I'm reading and I'll carry all of my blog list over there to the other site, too.

I'm also thinking about starting a separate blog for my writer-ing stuff. My life stuff will be on the homestead blog, but if you wanna know the gorey details of my haggard journey to becoming a published author, you can skip on over to the writer-y blog (I'll post that addy in my final post, too).

If I die on the plane tomorrow, just know that it's been a blast sharing this time with you. I thank you for sticking with me, for the comments on here and through email. Cross your fingers for me! I had to spend the evening in the ER last Saturday because now my GALL STONES are attacking me, *eye roll* (I'll detail that in my final post, if I remember), so now I'm just hoping my gall bladder doesn't swell up and explode during the flight... I'll try to get that sucker yanked out as soon as I get home.

Anyhoo... alright... I'm stalling....

Happy trails!


xlordashx said...

Joelie, me and you read almost all the same books. =) Safe travels!

Erica said...

Happy flight!

It reminds of a song by Sheryl Crow, "The only thing that I did wrong was stay in Mississippi a day too long."

Except your words would be, "The only thing that WOULD have been wrong, is if I stayed in France 24 months."

Travel well and enjoy your trip through customs.