Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Sam and I spent a large part of yesterday peeling/coring apples that the sister-in-law gave us... Like two big crates of 'em. All the pretty ones, I dipped in a vitamin C solution, stuck in freezer bags and popped 'em in the freezer. But THEN, I put all the peels/cores from all THOSE apples, plus all the UGLY apples, cut 'em into quarters, tossed 'em into a big pot and cooked the daylights (so to speak) out of 'em. Then, we went and bought me my very own bona fide food mill and turned all that cooked apple mess into applesauce. BUT, the story doesn't end there... I absolutely LOVE apple butter. So, I got a pot of it bubbling on my stove as we speak, which is why I can't stay long. Just wanted to deliver updates.

Runningwise it has been a rough one. You'll remember, I had the whole shin splints episode right? That truly hasn't happened to me in ages. Nothing that painful anyway. So, I stayed off of it all week. I didn't even do the 11miles I was supposed to do on Sunday. I thought about doing it yesterday but was still in so much pain, I thought, NAH! But I did get up this morning with plans to do my 35easy. I was just gonna walk it and see what happened.

At the beginning, I keep hearing Rachel saying, "Did you buy your plane ticket for Houston, yet?" Pang of guilt to the gut. Then, Sam's voice saying, "Just do the half. I don't get why you feel the need to do a full." Bless his heart.

But *choir of angels singing in the background* after a TEN MINUTE walking warm up (I went an extra 5 just to have a safe 15), I was ready. I ran. Gingerly at first because I was scared to death of the splint attack. But it never came. Several times, I looked down at Gary (that's my working nickname for the Garmin) and saw that I needed to slow it down, even. Several times I found myself doing an 11 or 12 and I had really wanted to keep it at a 13 or 14... It was supposed to be an "easy" run.

I did it. And I was so energized and happy about at least temporarily beating the splints that I took the stairs... 10 floors, yo. I couldn't speak when I reached the top, but hey, s'alright.

Then, I got on my bike trainer to do a brick. I was hammering right along, reveling in the feeling of sweat POURING off of me (look, if you used to and haven't in a long time, you really do miss it), when my little old lady neighbor from downstairs calls and leaves a message that she wished I'd turn off whatever motor I have running because she can't hear her phone since my bike is RIGHT over her office. *eye roll* Look, I don't want neighbor problems. I already told you that A's parents have a neighbor that put dog shit in their mailbox, right? So, Sam's gonna move my bike down to the storage room where I'll have enough space to ride as much as I want. I can even go straight there after my run and get on my bike (or even do my bike first and run after... a brick's a brick, eh?). I might even put my step down there so I can get some aerobics in after or before a run here or there. Cool idea, huh?

Writing... NaNo has started. I am completely and utterly SWIMMING in the joy of this new novel. For now, anyway. I've been steadily writing ahead of my daily quota (even with all the kids here and laundry and putting up and cleaning and cooking, etc.). So, I'm very excited about that. It did end up being a sci-fi this year and it has three main characters. But that's all I'll reveal just now. I'm super in love with it. This is really the first year I feel good about writing fiction. I mean, last year, I felt better than the year before, but not GOOD. This year is different. I got it going ON this year! I have to thank all my buddies who have been such faithful readers of my drafts and all the writers with whom I am connected. Y'all are like family, yo!

I'm still working on the memoir here and there, but not as much as I'd like. More on that later.

Well, as I said, I gotta get back to that pot of apple butter... YUM! My house smells SO GREAT. But before I go, lemme just say: 1) Happy Birthday to my Great-Grandma Lula Belle who turns like 90 (?) today and 2) Y'all get off your asses and go vote no matter HOW long you have to stand in line (easy for me and my absentee ballot voting lazy ass to say, huh?).


P.S. Stay tuned for food pix... *slurp*

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Erin said...

1) God bless early voting. Voted last week, yeppers. Now I can spend the night on the couch, palms sweating and watching the results.
2) I freaking LOVE apple butter! Yum-o!
3) You are such an inspiration to me. I often wish I had a fertile imagination like yours. You go girl!
4) Love ya!