Sunday, December 28, 2008

Guess what I just did?

I just revised the first two chapters of my France memoire... I wrote it so long ago. Anyway, I'm working on the final revision. Cuz, even if AMD writes me and tells me he doesn't want the other book, he already told me to send him this one. I want it ready either way. Cross your fingers.

The lasagna turned out DAMN good! I would have taken a picture, but by the time it was warmed up, we were so hungry, I forgot to do it. The kids even gobbled it up.

Now, replenished with my revisionary accomplishments, I'm going to clean my office!

Oh and... in protest of Christmas, I'm about to recycle all of my empty cards I've been holding onto... thinking that one day I might send them out. I know I never will again. I'll hold onto the envelopes, though. Those always come in handy.

Dude. I'm manic.

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