Thursday, February 12, 2009

New fangled whatsitdosit!

Um, I tried to put the whole comarison thing down so you could see the Normal vs. Vegan but the format didn't come out right... I'll try again here in a differnt way.

Normal Breakfast:

Bread w/butter
and normal Nutella

Coffee w/steamed milk

Vegan Breakfast:
Bread w/ vegan Nutella-esque spread

Green tea mixed with dandelion, for urinary detox

Normal Lunch
Lentil/veggie/sausage soup w/shredded cheese


Leftover quiche

Coffee w/steamed milk

Small ice cream cone

Vegan Lunch

Lentil/veggie soup w/Tabasco


Handfull of olives, mushroom pate, hearts of palm with fresh vinaigrette

Yogi tea

Ripe pear

Normal Snack
Organic dark chocolate with quinoa crispies

Cereal bar

Vegan Snack

Organic dark chocolate with quinoa crispies

Handful of nuts and a couple of dried figs

Normal Dinner
Salad w/ shredded cheese and hard-boiled eggs and homemade vinaigrette

Vegan Dinner

Salad with cold beets, artichokes, leeks, etc. and homemade vinaigrette


Stacy said...

MUCH better lol I was very confused this morning reading that :)

Veggie said...

Thanks for the clarification!!

Vegan rocks.

smart1g said...

Interested in the vegan sister, MC is trying it now. When you describe it, it sounds do-able...and yummy!

And...if you ever do "shout outs" to other blogs, this one

is running a raffle to raise money for the Australian Red Cross to help with the fires. I donated some pretty pretty yarn...

Joelie said...

Thanks Smarty!!!!

V: it does!

Stacy: *wink and thumbs up*