Monday, January 12, 2009

Houston... We have a problem...

I made it. That's the important part.

My flight from Lyon was delayed an hour and a half because the -5 degree C temps froze the toilets and the pilot decided that we couldn't hold our pee for the ONE HOUR it takes to get to Paris. *eye roll* But, whatever.

I got to Paris in the gate ACROSS from the gate where I was supposed to leave for Houston, but OF COURSE, there's no direct link between the two gates and I had to take the shuttle around the dang place to get to the other side *eye roll--and get used to these cuz there're gonna be a few*. I get there and find out that my plane hasn't started boarding yet even though it is supposed to leave in 15 minutes. I take this as an excellent sign... Until I get to the security checkpoint because there are like 500 people in line.

A guy in front of me goes to an officer and says something about Seattle. The security guy lets him pass through a short line. I go to him and smiling say, "Houston!" He lets me through. It takes FOREVER to get through the checkpoint because I brought my laptop (but SO glad I did, yo) and because I put my Garmin and MP3 player in my laptop bag and they have to re-x-ray it over and over to make sure it's not a bomb. But I MADE it. I was sweaty and panting, but I MADE it. I had a great seat and great seat mates who helped me reshift the luggage in the overhead compartment so I would have enough room under my seat for my big ole feet! I watched Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist based on the book by one of my fave authors (David Levithan)... I actually have an autographed copy of that book, I think. And I watched that movie with Scarlet Johanson and Penelope Cruz set in Barcelona (don't know the name). It was slow-starting but had some great parts (and some HOT parts, helllooooooo?). I also started to watch Hancock but fell asleep and then started to watch In Bruges, but started talking to my neighbor and ran out of time but both seem like decent movies and I might try to see them while I'm here.

Our flight was only a half hour late, but... well... my luggage didn't make it in. And since I don't plan on waiting here all day (and I have a dinner date) I'm not gonna wait for them to deliver it... I'm gonna try to go out there and pick it up if they'll let me (can't see why they wouldn't) cuz they said they wouldn't deliver until after 6.

When I got to the rental car center, the dude gave me a Prius for only three bux more per day than the rate I had for any other midsize--Priuses usually rent for like $54 a day, so that was a STEAL. So, I got to drive my hybrid through H-town on my old roads to my sis' house.

When I pulled into her apt. complex, the gate was closed and I thought I'd have to wait forever to get someone to go in so I could tailgate, but just then, I look over at some crazy lady waving at me and it's my sis! We went back to her apt, where she stowed my laptop and we went out to have yummy Mexi food!!!! *sigh* It's been so long! Went to Target and bought a TradFone for ten bux! Awesome deal! So, now I have a cell. AND Barbie "princess" *barf* costumes were on sale for ten bux, too, so I bought two of them (they are 42 Euros in Lyon... about 55 or 60 bux... so two for $20 seemed like a good deal to me... couldn't pass it up).

I didn't do too bad on sleeping. Managed to stay up until 9pm so that I could stay asleep the whole night... BUT I woke up around 1:30am wide awake and bored and hungry. My sis had hidden my laptop case in her closet and she and her boyfriend were sleeping, so I couldn't get to my Augusten Burroughs book. Probably a good thing since instead, I went back to bed and managed to sleep until almost 5am. An afternoon nap and a nice hot shower and I think I'll be "on time."

Like I said, I got dinner plans and I'm trying to hook up with my ex-running buddy (and current wing-eating buddy) for wings for lunch, so cross yer fingers.

It's so weird and empowering to be all on my own like this. Especially driving. I'm afraid that since it has been six months since I've driven (and even longer than that since I've been able to go 80 like I always can in Houston) AND since I don't have my kids with me, I think I might be driving like a teenager. *blush*

But as cool as it is feeling like an independent woman, I miss my babies. I'm constantly looking around cuz I feel like I've misplaced something. And every time I set something down, I still set it FAR away from the edge of anything so that Lolo can't reach up and get it. *giggle*

Well, I gotta get Shannen's house key copied today, so I had better get going. Since I have the apt to myself in the mornings, I'll prolly try to update you guys on all the meniality. tee hee hee. You might want to take a hiatus from reading me this week if you don't like the banal (sp?).


Erica said...

Woo-hoo! Free-roamin in the Prius!

emjanes said...

I wish Houston was not so far away ;)

xlordashx said...

Whoohoo to nick and norah (the book not movie). Have you read ely's and noami's no kiss list?

Joelie said...

Erica... I KNOW, RIGHT?

Em... Me, too!

Ash... Yep. Just finished it. LOVE me some Levithan.