Wednesday, January 7, 2009


I'm French!

I got a thingy in the mail the other day telling me to stop by this office to come pick something up and when I got there, the lady said, "Okay, this is a notice telling you that you are French and that you have been French since April 28th, 2008 since it's retroactive." Dude. Now, I'm waiting for my French birth certificate. *eyes bulge* I'll send a copy of that in and get my French Carte d'Identite (I.D. Card... kind of like our SS#, but not really). And then I can get my French passeport. Craziness.

I don't feel any different, though. *grin* It's not like, upon reading the notice, I got this swell of pride in me and suddenly puffed up at the sight of the French flag or anything. However, I WAS inexplicably happy about it. I did grin. I even said, "Look, I'm French! And have been for almost nine months!"

What a crazy year!

DUDE!!! This pregnancy has started with a vengeance. First of all, I don't usually feel this much vertigo this soon. I'm usually oblivious until the middle of the second month (meaning like in two or three weeks). And I don't usually start having the funky strong cravings until after the third or fourth month. And the vivid dreams don't usually get surreal until around six months. But I'm having ALL of these symptoms.

Yesterday, I had a crazy strong craving for the stinky cheese pizza. I called Sam and BEGGED him to get me one. And told him I want one all to myself. He said, "Noooo, you won't be able to eat a whole one." I was like, "uh-HUH... I'm eating for TWO." He got the pizza and sure enough, I didn't make it past the second piece. It MIGHT have had something to do with the fact that he got a "Fruit de Mer" pizza (seafood pizza) and that after one whiff of it I wanted to throw myself off of the balcony and actually had to go into the living room to eat my two pieces. *eye roll* I was sick the rest of the evening and had to drink an Indian Tonic to burp up all the nasty gas the stinky cheese gave me.

And then, last night, I dreamt that I was smoking a cigarette. Oh, it was DELICIOUS!!! It's been so LONNNNNG since I had a drag off a cigarette. Then, all of a sudden, I had one in each hand and was tandem dragging. *sigh* And someone looked at me and said, "Aren't you pregnant?" And I said, "Yeah," blushing. "But, the baby's not really hooked up to the central line yet... it won't feel a thing." *eye roll* Whatever. I don't have any real life desire to start smoking again, but I can tell you that dream smoking is lovely and I hope I do it again and again during this pregnancy. That way, my oral fixation gets its fix but my lungs and unborn child stay toxin-free.

Okay, the big news of the day: I got word from the AMD!!!!!! Well, it's from his assistant, but close e-frickin'-nough!!! He wrote to thank me for following up. He said that yes, they had indeed received my submission and that it was near the "top of the pile" and thanked me for my patience. woo HOOOOOOOO!!!! Okay, it's not a, "Yes, we love you! Please send us all you have!!!" But it's better than, "No, you suck. Don't write back." Or, "Nope, we never got it, you've wasted the past three months biting your nails over it. Will you send it back to us again so we can give you another three months of psychoses?" I would have been content with a, "Well, we like most of it, but these following things need to be fixed and sent back to us: blah blah blah." But I'm JUST FINE with a, "We have it. Don't worry. We'll be in touch shortly." That's what he said. He said, "shortly." *sigh* I'm so relieved. SO relieved. That'll tide me over for another three months if they need. That's probably how long it's going to take me to finish revising my France memoir.

You know another awesome thing? I've already got the sequel in my head. But it's from the point of view of the other character!!! *sigh* I'm dying to write it, but I won't go near it until 1) I finish my France memoir revision OR 2) AMD writes me back before then and says, "Give me more!" Oooooooh, I just got CHILLS!!!

I LOVE being pregnant... It's like hormonal LSD!!! It makes everything so damn intense!!! I'm crying constantly already. Mostly the good kind of crying. Like looking at my kids and being struck dumb by how downright breathtakingly gorgeous and precious they are and how lucky/blessed I am to have everything/one/emotion/etc. I have. Good stuff. Euphoria. *shiver* I think it'll be good for my writing.

I'm making choc chip cookies today with the neighbor's older daughter. And I think I'm going to break out the pasta machines and make a huge mess of homemade pasta for the family to eat while I'm gone to Houston. Some ravioli, some lasagne, some macaroni and cheese. I'll freeze it all so that Sam only has to reheat it in the oven. I'll probably make a thick lentil/potato soup, too, since it's so damn cold right now.

I've got a whole list of folks to see (um... contact me if I haven't contacted you about that yet) in Houston and a whole long list of stuff I have to buy (anyone know where the hell I can buy a pressure canner that works with an induction hob?). I need to buy up some second-hand clothing before that fucking bogus ass law goes into place (Google it... it was supposed to make the big toymakers have to test their stuff before selling it to the public, but what it's doing is driving small toymakers (and other Stay-At-Home-Mom-made products) out of business... It also includes the future sale of clothing for consignment stores and thrift stores. I almost NEVER buy new clothes. I always buy them from thrift stores. I'm really fucking pissed off about this stupid ass law backfiring and affecting the wrong people. I've signed a petition on it, but I'm afraid...


Alrighty kids... I'm off to the kitchen.


Erin said...

Hey Frenchie! FYI I didn't know about that stupid second-hand clothing law, so I googled it and signed the petition. What a silly thing.

Erica said...

That law really pisses me off too. Aren't there enough other problems to address? How is this even an issue? Moronic I tell you. (Is that a word?)

Man, I wish I could love the emotions! Maybe I should have tried LSD... Instead I just feel like a complete train wreck

Julie said...

Welcome to the club!!

What about the kids? Do they have theirs?

Joelie said...

Erin...THANK YOU for signing the petition. I found out yesterday that second-hand stores have now been cleared from the bill. *wipes brow* But small ma and pa toymakers are still at risk, so please keep up the fight!!!

Erica... Sometimes a good train wreck is what is called for! LOL! I've long been self-diagnosed bi-polar (minored in Psyche and swear that that's enough credentials to call it *grin*), so this is just par for the course for me... just more INTENSE. I've always been a let's-buy-a-coffee-house-slash-laundromat-slash-thrift-store one minute and a I-wanna-live-in-a-house-in-the-woods-away-from-all-humanity the next kinda person... So, the euphoric laughter melting into desperate sobs is kinda fun... Like a Disney Train Wreck!!!

Juju... Yep, the young'uns got theirs even before we got here *eye roll* They came to France using their French passports and already have a Swiss stamp on them. We got those done at the embassy in the States. Vive la France!!! N'est-ce pas? Je suis Francaise!!! Attention! Je vais me mettre a chanter La Marseillaise dans quelques instants! LOL!