Monday, June 1, 2009

Another quickie...


Happy anniversary to me/us! 8 years. We're both taking the day off and spending the day at the movies. woo HOO! (Last week, we went to a Thai resto so that we wouldn't feel pressured to go out to a fancy schmancy resto today... I LOVE popcorn for lunch, so I ain't complainin'!)

Heard back from the JMC (the AMD's assn.). He wants the full manuscript of my pregnancy/adoption memoir. I told him I'd have it to him in two weeks. It's been a week and I'm not done with the revision. I got a couple of peeps readin' it and hopefully will get changes made in time to get it to him by next Tuesday. Send me vibes, y'all.

Sam is looking at properties AND TRAILERS on line... all by himself. I'm almost afraid to get excited. I don't want to jinx things. I'm just crossing my fingers things are falling in to place with the farm. We spent a few hours planning our August trip to visit farms in both Charlotte and Lynchburg (can't be too careful and since they're both essentially in the same region...).

I can NOT get rid of this freakin' cough. It's not a cold. It has to be allergies. I've never suffered from allergies, so I don't know ho to recognize it. All I know is that I don't get much sleep because I can't breathe much. Gonna try to see a doc this afternoon. Cross those fingers that it's not something big.

I'm a day late for my .

The gym room has taken a back seat to the memoir manuscript, but really only needs 1) the final patch of spackle, sand and paint, 2) sweeping and mopping, and 3) the great exodus of exercise equipment. \o/ I do need to get Sam to move a few things around in the closet part, but that's not urgent.

What IS urgent is for me to get going. We're going to go to the city hall this morning and take care of my French national I.D. I'm a citizen already and whatnot, but I need to get my I.D. card so I'll have proof to carry. AND so I can get my passport, hopefully before we go to Charlotte.

So, gotta run.

I need all the positive energy you can send me and I thank you in advance.

Oh, and P.S. on a death note.... I was finishing up the chapter of my memoir where I am living in a women's shelter and I started thinking about the staff there... About the woman that took me in and really influenced me for forever. I went poking around the internet to check what she was up to and found out that she died in 2001. So, if you're thinking about looking up old mentors and thanking them for their influence on your life, do it NOW. DON'T wait!!! Sue never got to see how great my life became (especially compared to what it was). I wish she had seen that her efforts paid off. I'm gonna pay it forward for the rest of my life.

R.I.P. Sue Bradley... Thank you.

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