Saturday, June 13, 2009


I got up yesterday determined to clean all morning, have lunch with a friend, work all afternoon and clean until going to bed. But it didn't happen that way. Ever wake up on the right side of the bed but fall OUT on the wrong side? That's the only way I can explain it. I got into a funk. I didn't want to clean. I didn't want to work. I didn't want to clean. I didn't want to be around anyone. And because all I had left to do by 10 was read, and all the kids were in school, I chose to do nothing. I read a DIFFERENT book. Written by someone else (King Dork by Frank Portman.. kick ASS book). At 10, I decided it would be best not to inflict my presence on my friend since I was being such a tired, pissy bitch. So, I texted her and apologized. Then, I put the dipes through their last cycle so I'd feel like I had done some house work and I left. I took my book, hopped on the bus and headed to the cinema. I saw Sunshine Cleaning. AWESOME flick! Then, my boyfriend (also my husband) called me and asked if he could come to the cine bar and buy me a coffee. Was I gonna say no? He showed up and pretended not to have hung up the dipes and done the dishes... but he did BOTH... I see some romance in HIS future. *grin* Then, I bought a humongous sweet and salty mixed popcorn and a huge peach Nestea from the fountain and went back in to see Ne Te Retourne Pas (French flick... Pretty spooky with a really confusing ending... sort of anticlimactic because it was so cryptic, but the acting/effects weren't bad through most of it). Then, I bought a ticket for ANOTHER movie, Je Vais Te Manquer (another French flick... not bad... a little When Harry Met Sally) and sat outside in the lounge area reading my book for half an hour until it was supposed to start.

I came home to beautiful children. I heated up leftover (but homemade) mint/basil/almond/garlic/lemon pesto with diced zucchini in it and steamed some organically grown peas. After that, I ran away. Locked myself in my room and worked until midnight. I proofread the last seven chapters, put all the chapters into three parts. Put all three parts into one document, changed all the names, put in a header and sent that bad bitch off. There you go. It's gone.

Why do I feel like I need to have a cast party? I feel somehow empty. I cleaned the living room/dining room/library, my bedroom, the hallway and am on my third load of laundry. It's only 10:30. When Sam gets back from the market, I'm going to make more salsa, red pasta sauce and pesto to freeze. HOPEFULLY, he'll bring back some cherries so I can make another clafouti. AND hopefully he'll bring back some peaches and apricots so I can make preserves. I'm also planning a quiche lorraine.

A is spending the night tonight. That'll be cool for Ryan.

Tomorrow, I'm going to try to round up some fellow nerd/geek/dork people and go see Coraline. I'm pissed that they're not even mentioning that it was written by Neil Gaiman especially since I pretty much worship him now that I read Neverwhere. I have Anansi Boys on my shelf, so maybe when I'm done with my Portman book and get through my Gail Giles book, I'll do some more Gaiman.

I have this wacky urge to sketch. I think I might pick up a book on how-to. I guess the writing has awakened something. Maybe.

I'm also going to go down and finish that damn gym room... electrical problems be damned. I'm gonna patch/spackle/sand/paint the hell out of that bitch and get my ass moving. I had wanted to lose 10 pounds by now. WAY behind on that. You'd think that two weeks of no eating and no sleeping would have stressed ten pounds out of me, but no such luck. Tomorrow also is the return to walking. I'm laying my sweat clothes out tonight to make sure I have no excuses in the morning.

But, come Tuesday, I'm back into it. I'm gonna start the rough draft of the next book. When I say rough draft, I mean outline. I have a working outline, so to speak, right now, but it truly is just the skeleton (or probably just marrow and cartilage if you wanna get technical with that analogy). I would say it had holes if it had actual flesh to have holes in. It's one big gaping hole right now.

Good thing about all of this hard work... Keeps me from obsessing like a madwoman about the farm. Oh, don't worry... It's still percolating in there. The obsession isn't gone... it's festering. But at least it's not as painfully superficial as it is when my mind isn't overly busy.

Forgot to tell you crazy people that I'm wearing deodorant. *gasp* I know, I know. Don't lose your panties over it. It's not antipersperant. It's an organic deodorant made from vegetable products. No metal, no grody chemicals. It doesn't smell "good" and I only put it on when I go out--for the benefit of others because it is summer--but I've really come to like my own stench. It's kind of... hot... in a way. Go figure.

Well, the man is back with my veggies, so... au boulot!


gkd said...

Congrats on all the good stuff! Finishing your book (I mean, this stage of it), cooking joys, clean house, beautiful children, and romance with that man of yours! Yay!


Joelie said...

Thanks Cuh-ray-zeh!